I am honoured to have been the MP for Monmouth since 2005. Please use this site to find out more about me and my work, both here and in Westminster. I was elected by you, so please do not hesitate to contact me if I can help on a particular issue.
Why I voted against military action in Syria. In Syria, the Assad regime is supported by Alawites, Shia Muslims and the nation's ten per cent Christian population. They are opposed by the majority Sunni Muslim population who are fighting in different rebel groups. Some rebels are linked to Al Qaeda
An Abergavenny World War Two veteran who flew 40 missions on Wellington bombers has been barred from receiving a new Bomber Command honour. The Government announced in February that the Bomber Command Clasp would be awarded to aircrew in recognition of their bravery and service. But Dennis Moss
Britain owes £1,013,400,000,000 - over one trillion pounds (figures for May 2012). Every day the debt is rising and one day British taxpayers wil be responsible for paying it back... Why we MUST have cuts: Read my Article  
The UK Government has pledged to provide Britain with the "best broadband in Europe" by delivering superfast broadband to 90 per cent of properties by 2015, while the Welsh Government has signed a £425 million deal with BT to upgrade the network in Wales for 96 per cent of homes and businesses


  In one of the most expensive and irresponsible pieces of...
BUSINESS, INNOVATION AND SKILLS   ·  Helping skill the...
Why I voted against military action in Syria. In Syria, the Assad...

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